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Brasserie PUCK

Dustin Lewandowski

During a recent trip to Las Vegas, our first stop upon getting off the plane was Brasserie PUCK. We had been in withdrawal, craving a good Wolfgang Puck creation, and were dying to try the new establishment, which is located in Crystals at CityCenter. So, that's exactly where we headed. When we got there, we were lucky enough to grab a few minutes and a meal with Executive Chef Dustin Lewandowski, who spoke with us about the new restaurant and the secrets behind its delectable creations.

We began our conversation with Chef Lewandowski by asking him what it is like to work inside Crystals, CityCenter's 500,000-square-foot retail and entertainment district. "I think it's a beautiful, beautiful mall to be a part of," he told us. "It's so pristine and clean and well designed, and we, have a great, open, airy restaurant with 180-degree views surrounding the restaurant. It's so nice. We have great natural skylights that allow light into the restaurant that you can actually see. I've lived in Vegas for going on 12 years now and I've worked in three or four different casinos -- in restaurants that are sunken into these casinos that have no natural lighting, but rather faux outdoor lighting. It's so refreshing during part of your day to be able to walk into your dining room and see natural light, or see clouds outside, or see it rain. I think it adds so much atmosphere to a dining experience. To see the foot traffic and the energy in the mall as it's happening -- and the business as it comes in -- really makes a difference for the dining scene. CityCenter, in general, is such an amazing project to be a part of. To watch it from the design stages four or five years ago to the beginning of construction to what it has developed to is amazing."

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