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RM Seafood

Executive Chef Adam Sobel's Best Meals Ever

    Sobel's Cheese Steak at rm Seafood

rm Seafood
Executive Chef, rm Seafood Adam Sobel

Chef Adam Sobel has trained under some of the greatest culinary minds in the business, including Guy Savoy, Bradley Ogden, Charlie Trotter, Guenter Seeger and Bill Telepan. A member of the opening team at Bradley Ogden's in Caesars Palace, which subsequently won a 2004 James Beard Foundation Award for best new restaurant, he subsequently served as chef de cuisine at Restaurant Guy Savoy, also inside Caesars Palace. During his time there, the restaurant was called "one of the best new restaurants in Las Vegas or anywhere" by Newsweek International and listed as one of the top new restaurants of 2005 by Esquire and Travel + Leisure. In addition, the restaurant while he worked there received such accolades as the AAA Five Diamond Award, Two Michelin Stars and Wine Spectator's Grand Award. Most recently, however, Chef Sobel opened Company American Bistro at the Luxor, known as one of Vegas' culinary hot spots. Now he's at the helm of RM Seafood, which is known not only for its high-profile namesake, Rick Moonen, but also for its commitment to sustainable seafood. As such, we asked Chef Sobel -- who is our resident sustainability expert -- about the best meals he's ever had.

TravelsinTaste: What's the best meal you've ever had?

Sobel:There are three meals, and they have three different reasons why they are so special. The first true superior fine dining experience I ever had was at Daniel in New York, right when he reopened on 65th Street. The reason that was so memorable was because that was kind of a reward dinner. Gerald, my best friend, who is also Rick's and my partner here, won the New York Restaurant Show Duck Competition. He was 18 years old, the youngest ever to win an ACF gold medal, and I helped him train. He and I worked on the dishes together every single night for two months -- running through it, going through it every single night. He nailed it and he ended up winning. The prize was $2,500 and a gold medal. He, his dad and I went out to dinner at Daniel. It was the heart of white truffle season. It was the first time I ever had white truffles like that. It was a victory night and we were just celebrating an amazing victory.

Sobel's Mogan Valley Lamb Loin at rm Seafood

No. 2 was El Bulli in 2005. It changed my life. It was a combination of the food and the service. It was the most seamless, perfect service I've ever had in my life and the food was mind bending. It's not something you can eat every day. It’s a once-every-five-to-10-years experience. He's closing now because he's going to teach at Harvard, he and Jose Andres. It was life altering.

The last one that really hit me was a sentimental meal at Troisgros in Roanne. I'm a student to tradition and to the history of gastronomy, and Troisgros was just a legend. It’s a landmark. Every course was alternating. Something retro then something nouveau -- retro, nouveau, retro, nouveau. It was like a time warp going back and forth. It was classical French cuisine at its best paired with some amazing wines. Some of my mentors had worked there; every great chef that's ever been has either been trained by a descendant from Troisgros or worked in that kitchen. Those three meals were the three most memorable.

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