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RM Seafood

Executive Chef Adam Sobel's Favorite Neighborhood Gems

    Sobel's Caviar Pancake at rm Seafood

rm Seafood
Executive Chef, rm Seafood Adam Sobel

Chef Adam Sobel has trained under some of the greatest culinary minds in the business, including Guy Savoy, Bradley Ogden, Charlie Trotter, Guenter Seeger and Bill Telepan. A member of the opening team at Bradley Ogden's in Caesars Palace, which subsequently won a 2004 James Beard Foundation Award for best new restaurant, he subsequently served as chef de cuisine at Restaurant Guy Savoy, also inside Caesars Palace. During his time there, the restaurant was called "one of the best new restaurants in Las Vegas or anywhere" by Newsweek International and listed as one of the top new restaurants of 2005 by Esquire and Travel + Leisure. In addition, the restaurant while he worked there received such accolades as the AAA Five Diamond Award, Two Michelin Stars and Wine Spectator's Grand Award. Most recently, however, Chef Sobel opened Company American Bistro at the Luxor, known as one of Vegas' culinary hot spots. Now he's at the helm of RM Seafood, which is known not only for its high-profile namesake, Rick Moonen, but also for its commitment to sustainable seafood. As such, we asked Chef Sobel -- who is our resident sustainability expert -- about his favorite neighborhood gems in Las Vegas.

TravelsinTaste: Where do you like to go when you are not working?

Sobel:I've got a handful of favorite restaurants off the Strip. Right now it would be The Fat Greek. I'm partial to Fat Greek because they are like family to me right now. Jerry worked for me for a while. He was my protégé actually. He had to leave the restaurant to go help his family out. But it's worked out really well. The restaurant is getting tremendous reviews. Business has never been better. It's in a strip mall near Decatur and serves lunch and dinner.

Sobel's Marinated California Octopus at rm Seafood

TravelsinTaste: What about late night?

Sobel:I like Raku, but I'm kind of over it. Late night I tend to hit Pho Kim Long just because it is consistently good. That's my late night spot when you're a little bit buzzed and you need a little bit of food in your belly to get home safe. That's the depot. It’s a 24-hour pho place. I like it a lot.

Another late night would be Casa di Amore once in a while for Italian. If I want a bowl of pasta late night and want to be unhealthy, it's nice to take a late night date there. I get out of the restaurant at midnight or 1 a.m., so I don't have a lot of options for late night eats, but there are some good spots. Ichiza is great for their honey toast. That's a winner. It is a loaf of brioche; you hollow it out and put in vanilla ice cream, honey and butter. It's solid. Honestly, I hang out in Chinatown late night. Most chefs do. There are a lot of good spots.

TravelsinTaste: You're probably not up early enough for breakfast, but if you are, is there a place you go?

Sobel:I like Du-Par's downtown. I just started going there. Sunrise Café is OK, too. It reminds me of a Long Island kind of breakfast and it's close to my house so I'll hit that occasionally.

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