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RM Seafood

Executive Chef Adam Sobel - Vegas' Next Big Trend

rm Seafood
Executive Chef, rm Seafood Adam Sobel

Chef Adam Sobel has trained under some of the greatest culinary minds in the business, including Guy Savoy, Bradley Ogden, Charlie Trotter, Guenter Seeger and Bill Telepan. A member of the opening team at Bradley Ogden's in Caesars Palace, which subsequently won a 2004 James Beard Foundation Award for best new restaurant, he subsequently served as chef de cuisine at Restaurant Guy Savoy, also inside Caesars Palace. During his time there, the restaurant was called "one of the best new restaurants in Las Vegas or anywhere" by Newsweek International and listed as one of the top new restaurants of 2005 by Esquire and Travel + Leisure. In addition, the restaurant while he worked there received such accolades as the AAA Five Diamond Award, Two Michelin Stars and Wine Spectator's Grand Award. Most recently, however, Chef Sobel opened Company American Bistro at the Luxor, known as one of Vegas' culinary hot spots. Now he's at the helm of RM Seafood, which is known not only for its high-profile namesake, Rick Moonen, but also for its commitment to sustainable seafood. As such, we asked Chef Sobel -- who is our resident sustainability expert -- about some behind-the-scenes secrets from the openings of Bradley Ogden and Guy Savoy.

TravelsinTaste: We've heard you revolutionized Vegas when you opened Bradley Ogden; would you care to comment?

Sobel: When we moved out here -- Brian Ogden, myself and Gerald -- we changed food in Las Vegas. When we got to Caesar's [Palace] they were using 12 purveyors for the entire hotel. We shook that place up. They hated us. They won the James Beard Foundation Best New Restaurant award at Bradley Ogden three years in a row from 2003 to 2005. It was hell. Then we went to open up Guy Savoy.

Opening Bradley's really made things easy for Guy. The hardest part was that we went from 12 purveyors in the entire hotel to 60 in our restaurant alone. We drove them absolutely nuts, but we changed everything. We were the first restaurant in Las Vegas to get deliveries from the farmers markets every Wednesday and Saturday. I don't care what anyone says: Mario Batali is doing it now, but we revolutionized it. We had our own shoppers who were buying for us, including a guy in Santa Monica calling and saying, "We've got …" That was it. We started building local relationships with people like Paula and Rodney [Pudwill] at Penguin [Produce]. They were doing herbs for us. They were blackjack dealers and they would come into Bradley's and we'd cook for them and they'd say, "Oh, we have these beautiful herbs." She'd come into the kitchen with a brown bag and little pint containers and say, "I just clipped these for you this morning," and she'd leave them in the container in the back of the kitchen. These were the most amazing basils and sage flowers. I'd say, "This is amazing; Paula you've got to start selling this stuff." She built a business off of our restaurant and now sells to restaurants all over Vegas. Bradley's philosophy fostered all that; we just perpetuated that.

TravelsinTaste: What do you see as the next big trend in Vegas?

Sobel:What is the next big thing in Vegas going to be? I can't give away all of my secrets. Stay tuned to what RM is doing; we've got a few new projects we're working on, so it will be cool.

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