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Andre Rochat

    Roasted Cervene Venison with Poivrade Sauce

Las Vegas, like any city, has its traditions. One of its stellar, most notable traditions, in fact, involves Chef Andre Rochat -- the only chef in the nation with a street, Chef Andre Rochat Way, named after him. The man has his own day, too, as Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman officially named June 30 "Chef Andre Rochat Day." Of course, if you dig deeper into this local celebrity -- as we recently did over dinner with Chef Rochat -- you'll find that even the building that houses his restaurant, Andre's -- an early 20th century home -- is rich in history. In part one of our four-part interview series with Chef Rochat -- which follows -- we explore that history. In parts two, three and four, meanwhile, we explore Chef Rochat's food and his culinary family. To skip ahead, click here. Otherwise, read on to learn how Chef Rochat created Andre's, one of Vegas' best-kept secrets.

Melange of Field Greens

According to Chef Rochat, it all started with that old house. "This house was built in the early 1930s, at a time when the more influential people in the city used to live in this area" he told us. "The house was owned by the Silvagni family, who owned the Apache hotel on Freemont Street. Later on they leased the land to the Binion. One of their daughters was married to an attorney named Couthard, a former FBI agent, and The Binion wanted to buy the land. But Couthard advised the family not to sell the land. In the summer of 1972, he was going to work, got in his car, turned on the ignition and kaboom. No one was convicted of the crime and to this day it's part of the history of the house. Couthard's son, also an attorney, got engaged here in this house. All of Las Vegas went to the school next door. They all know the Silvagni's and the Couthards, and the house -- it's rich in history. While we were remodeling the house, turning into the restaurant, we found a shotgun in the wall in the kitchen. It had two shells in the barrel ready to go."

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