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Andre Rochat

    Roasted Cervene Venison with Poivrade Sauce

TravelsinTaste.com recently had a delightful meal with Chef Andre Rochat at Andre's: The Original in Las Vegas. As we enjoyed our souffle, Chef Rochat told us about his loyal staff, the criteria he looks for in potential employees and what makes his team successful. Now we're letting you in on the same. This is part three in our four-part interview series with Chef Rochat. In parts one, two and four, you can also read about the history of Andre's, the food that Chef Rochat has created and also a joint interview with Chef Greg Engelhart.
Melange of Field Greens

We wondered what Chef Rochat looks for in a chef when he's hiring one. What, we asked, are the most important characteristics that he looks for? "He has to have pride in what he does, and enthusiasm," Chef Rochat said. "I'm not looking for someone who comes in and knows everything already. It's not what you know. If you're hired by someone to do a job, unless you do the job he wants you to do for him, you're no good to him. There are many times when there's a problem between a chef and an owner. The owner wants to do things in a certain way, but the chef thinks he knows better and wants to do it in a different certain way. That's it. When you work with a restaurant where the owner doesn't know much about cooking, that's fine. I've been cooking for 50 years."
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