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Chef Andre Rochat, long known as the culinary father of Las Vegas, arrived on the Strip long before Wolfgang Puck and his contemporaries. And when he did, he put his culinary mark on the desert, much to the delight of local and visiting diners alike. Chef Rochat, a man who has accomplished so much, has three award-winning restaurants in Las Vegas, an impressive and extensive cognac collection, and a reputation for having created the fine cuisine that is now so prevalent in Las Vegas. With all that, you might expect him to have a large ego. He doesn't, however. Not even a hint of one. TravelsinTaste.com met up with Chef Rochat during our last trip to Las Vegas and spent a significant amount of time with him, discussing Alize, the Las Vegas dining scene, culinary arts in general and what's next for him on his culinary journey. The chef could not have been more heartfelt or kind. It's truly amazing when you see someone at the top of his game who has such a sense of warmth and kindness; it's his love of the profession that is truly evident in everything he does, from the thoughtful design of his restaurants to the impeccable detail of both his restaurant amenities and his epicurean delights.

    Phyllo Wrapped, Baked Anjou Pear

Chef Rochat changes his menu twice a year, once for the fall and winter seasons, when he tends to serve more game and heavier sauces, and again in the spring and summer, when he tends to serve a lighter menu that includes fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits. If you'd care to view our five-part video interview with Chef Rochat, please click here. If you'd prefer to read his biography first, please click here. If you'd like to see him give a cooking demonstration, please click here. Or, if you'd prefer to try one of his recipes in the privacy of your own kitchen, please try his Chicken Cream Mushroom recipe or try his Fresh Lemon Tart recipe. Finally, if you'd just like to hear about the restaurant and see a video of it in all its glory, please click here.

Please note that there is a food minimum of $45 per person at Alize and that parties of six or more are subject to an 18 percent service charge. A five-course Chef's Tasting Menu is available for $95 and a seven-course Chef's Tasting Menu for $125; please note that these are good options only for an entire table. Wine pairings can be arranged through the Sommelier.

Lobster Risotto Special

Cold Appetizers: Golden Osetra or Beluga Caviar (1 oz. served with condiments and buckwheat blini, Market Price); Tiger Shrimp Cocktail (horseradish cocktail sauce, $16); Bouquet of Smoked and Cured Fish (smoked salmon, gravlax, smoked trout, pepper-cured tuna, $18); Shrimp and Artichoke Timbale (avocado mousse, Dijon aioli and spicy tomato-cucumber relish, $18); Jumbo Lump Crab Salad (horseradish cream, soy beans, trout caviar and lobster phyllo crisp, $20); Andre's Foie Gras Terrine (roasted pineapple, shiitake mushrooms and black truffle vinaigrette, $26); Angus Beef Carpaccio (carraway crackers, pickled mushrooms, parmesan and basil pesto, $16).

Hot Appetizers: Calamari Steak (sauteed with lemon butter, $18); Scampi "Andre" (sauteed with cream, sweet basil and pernod, $ 21); Pan Seared Diver Scallops (saffron & corn galette, parmesan fondue, bacon and crispy shallots, $19); Bacon and Black Truffle Crusted Ahi Tuna (wild mushroom puree and Swiss chard, $20); Escargots de Bourgogne (garlic herb butter, $16); Pan Seared Foie Gras (a la facon du chef, $28).

Meal Price Ranges: Glass of Wine $10 - $20
Appetizer $10 - $28
Entree $30 - MP
Dessert $12
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