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Can't figure out what kind of meal you'd like tonight? Maybe Italian? Maybe Asian? How about seafood, or perhaps something grilled? At Sensi, you can have all of the above. A worldwide culinary journey, Sensi serves up the globe on a plate. It's no wonder, either, as Executive Chef Martin Heierling has had a world of experience, working in Germany, Zurich, St. Mortiz, Auckland, New York and even on the Royal Yacht Lady Moura. Now in Las Vegas, at the Bellagio, he's got a kitchen that's worthy of his international flair, as Sensi produces Italian, Asian, grilled and seafood classic fare. And if the diversity on Chef Heierling's menu isn't enough to impress you, his outstanding preparations—including lovely ice cream waffle cones filled with savory treats-definitely will. In fact, so will the wine; you can actually order either a taste or a glass, in case you'd like just a little more wine, but not an entire glass worth.

    Miso Beef Tenerdloin & Wok Fried Shrimp Combo

First Things First: Raw Chilled Seafood Platter on Ice (lobster, oyster, clams, Jonah crab clusters & shrimp citrus-yuzu dip, mignonette and cocktail sauce, $42/add Alaskan king crab legs, $45 per pound); Freshly Shucked Oysters & Condiments ($4.50 each); Live Santa Barbara Prawns (fresh from the tank, grilled, tempura, drunken or raw, all served with their sauces, $10 each); Tuna 3 Ways: Tartar, Ahi Toro & Ceviche (crunchy wasabi flakes, citrus glaze, avocado, $20).

Sensi Classics: Raw Kobe Beef Carpaccio (roasted garlic & parmesan croquettes, horseradish dressing, $19); Crisp Fried Shrimp (rice flakes, Kafirr lime, creamy ginger mayonnaise, $20); Thai Marinated Crab & Lobster Rolls (sweet chili mayonnaise, lime & Mandarin dressing, $20).

Pizza Alia Salsicca

Asian Accents: Aromatic Thai Chicken & Cilantro Soup in Young Coconut (galangal, tapioca, Kaffir lime & Asian mushroom, $14); Pornelo & Crunchy Rock Shrimp Wraps - Miang Som (lime, cucumber, peanuts, ginger & tangy citrus dressing, $17); Malaysian Sweet & Sour Prawn Cakes (salad of green mango, lemongrass and Chinese sausage, $17); Indian Cashew Nut Chicken Samosa (Punjabl mango chutney, tropical beet salad & yogurt, $16).

Little Italy: Zuppa dl Asparagi e Astice (light chowder of green asparagus and Maine lobster, roasted summer corn, clams and lobster knuckles, $16); Insalata Caprese (heirloom tomatoes, Buffalo mozzarella, sweet basil & garlic confit, $18); Insalata di Frutti di Mare alla Siciliana (char grilled swordfish scaloppine, baby arugula, mint, lemon & olive oil, $18); Gnocchi di Patate con Ragu di Osso Bucco (handmade potato gnocchi with braised veal and tomato sauce, $17).

Meal Price Ranges: Glass of Wine $18 - $28
Appetizer $16 - $42
Entree $30 - $74
Dessert $10
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