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Comme Ca

David Myers' Favorite Restaurants and Most Memorable Meals

TravelsinTaste had the opportunity to talk to globetrotter David Myers, chef/founder of Comme Ca in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Pizzeria Ortica in Costa Mesa, and Sola and David Myers Cafe in Tokyo. Chef Myers spoke with us about his favorite restaurants, his most memorable meals, his new menus at Comme Ca and his plans to become a TV chef.

TravelsinTaste: If you were to take a chef friend out to dinner in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, where would you take them?

David Myers: In L.A. I love to go for Japanese. We have really good Japanese restaurants, like Yakitoria. They have really good grilled chicken. Or we'd go for sushi somewhere like the infamous Sushi Nogala. In Vegas there are so many amazing restaurants. It was surprising when I first went out there. I couldn't believe it. I think the ethnic food in Vegas is incredible. Outside of all of the amazing chefs' restaurants, of course. I love going for Italian. I love going to Carnevino for some steak. I love going to B&B. I also love the Japanese restaurants, like Raku. I have a real hankering for ramen at Monta during the day. I love that.

TravelsinTaste: Do you have anything unusual in any of your kitchens?

David Myers: We do it all. My chef and I really love to explore the less used pieces [of meat]. We'll get whole pigs in. We definitely do the heads. We'll make our own head cheese. We cure our own meats. We make things like speck and all of that. We love to play around.

TravelsinTaste: What is the most memorable meal you've ever had?

David Myers: In my life? I have a couple, but I'd say the top, hands down, was in Tokyo at this restaurant called Shin. It had really amazing sushi. The experience is hard to put into words.

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