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David Walzog (Part 2 of 3)
Despite what some people may think, Chef Walzog says that finding good produce in Las Vegas with which to prepare his seasonal side dishes is easy. "Maybe when you're outside of the hotel, and you're cooking a dinner for your family or friends, getting your hands on pristine fish or produce is not quite as perfect. It's not going to be at the same level that we're buying at the hotel, but it's going to be very acceptable."

SW Steakhouse owes its access to great produce in part to great suppliers, both locally and internationally. "All of our relationships with our vendors are fantastic," Chef Walzog says. "As we're close to Hawaii, we want to use that pristine Hawaiian fish; we also use a lot of Pacific Northwest fish. Ultimately we have to have two important ingredients. Most important is the best meat. Day in and day out we need to have the finest, the best top-shelf prime aged beef we can get our hands on. People are willing to pay for it, so we can pass along the somewhat significant price tag of sourcing top-shelf prime. Then it comes to produce and vegetables. We need to be able to get locally, semi-local or regionally grown fantastic ingredients such as melons and heirloom tomatoes when they finally turn perfect. We're getting our hands on them every day from Los Angeles and Arizona. Ultimately it's our beef that is a huge relationship for us."

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