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Chicago Dining with Chefs Have you ever dreamed about dining with your favorite chefs, or wished that you could ask them questions about their culinary craft and spectacular cuisine? Well, now you can! While we can't take you to the restaurant and the chef -- at least not now -- we can bring the restaurant and the chef to you. In this section, TravelsinTaste.com features a special virtual dinner with your favorite chefs, who offer insights into how they prepare their most popular dishes, including why they are coupled and served the way that they are. Now, when you visit their restaurants, you'll know exactly how their food is prepared. You might even have a better idea of what you’d like to order as a result. Read, salivate and enjoy.
Everest (Part 1 of 2)             
Everest (Part 2 of 2)             
Highlighted Restaurant:
Everest (Part 2 of 2)

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