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As you descend on one of two circular escalators from within the casino at Wynn Las Vegas, down to the hotel's lake level, you'll be awash in whimsical varicolored parasols. There's a reason for this, as the hotel's two lobby bars are called Parasol Up, located on the casino level, and Parasol Down, located on the lake level. Once you step off the escalator, directly to your right is Parasol Down, with its fanciful decor of reds, purples, yellows and oranges, which are accented by walls with a contrasting creamy base. In front of you is a terrace with seats on the Lake of Dreams. To the left, meanwhile, is the entrance to SW Steakhouse, made dramatic by its two-story ceiling and the open nature of its atrium. SW Steakhouse's entrance is quite striking and features dark wood-paneled doors that are emblazoned above with the gold colored SW logo, accented in red.

Once you step into the restaurant, you find yourself immediately in the bar and lounge area, which seats 21 and features wood-paneled floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors on the right. The lounge has a leather bench beside the windows and cozy modern sofas on which to sit, along with some upholstered wooden chairs. Behind the bar, which is to your left, lies a long rectilinear mirror with a gold-colored frame in front of which are two rows of bottles. Because the bar has a flat screen television, if you're waiting for a table you can watch the latest news or stock market numbers. Barstools have a modern look with Lucite-type backs. The floor is a mixture of highly polished granite atop which is a plush carpet with an interlocking square design. Teak walls and a copper recessed ceiling provide overall warmth in the room. Restrooms are located behind the bar.

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