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When you arrive at The Tides, you'll find La Marea directly off the lobby and to your left. The restaurant is open, airy, light and very roomy, and set off from the lobby by bleached coffee wood branches rather than a wall. The branches and window cutout wall create an expansive effect so that the restaurant never feels completely enclosed; rather, it feels very airy and soothing. The restaurant was designed by Los Angeles based Kelly Wearstler who is now known as much for her impressive repertoire as for her appearances as a judge on Bravo's Top Design. Wearstler's many lovely touches range from the perfectly romantic Porter chairs (which are intimate yet not isolated), to the eye-catching faux tortoise shells adorning the walls, to the high ceilings bedecked with six pendant lights and offset by flowing floor-to- ceiling draperies. Other notable touches include two bronze colored banana trees and a beautiful and tasteful gold and beige screen that adorns one wall of the dining room. Of course, if you prefer to dine outside you'll enjoy prime views of the Atlantic and of the vibrant lifestyle on display on Ocean Drive - all at a nice, quiet respite from the noise, as the restaurant is perched several steps above street level.

If you opt to dine indoors, you can choose from a variety of table and seating styles to suit your occasion or your mood - a rare dining option that instantly adds to the comfort of visiting La Marea. If you're looking forward to dining with views of the ocean, request one of the two impressive window tables that look out over Ocean Drive and the Atlantic through floor-to-ceiling windows. The windows at the these tables are accented with large flowing draperies, but if you would like to shield yourself from even more of the hot Florida sun, but still have the view, you can ask the attentive staff to lower the pull-down shades as well. For a more private, intimate feeling, consider a table with hooded Porter chairs. These chairs envelope dinners in a personal space that's just right for a semi private dining experience without feeling overly isolated. If ocean views and intimate dining aren't part of your plans, you can also opt for the lively flow of the tables in the middle of the room or along either of the two side walls (the offset by the bleached coffee-wood divider, or the wall that borders the outside, next to a beautiful, folding gold and beige screen). Even if you don't indulge in the comfort of a hooded dark brown Porter chair you'll still sit comfortably in the other chairs with khaki suede backrests and beige cowhide cushions. The chairs are decorated with bleached wood designed to look like a rope, a stylistic theme that you'll find repeated throughout the restaurant. If you prefer not to sit in a regular chair or a Porter chair you can request the banquette.

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