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Located in downtown Las Vegas, across from the courthouse a block east of Las Vegas Boulevard, lies the original Andre's. Located inside a quaint white house that's surrounded by trees decorated with lights, this gastronome's paradise is very unassuming from the outside. Large windows framed in dark wood are readily apparent from the street, where one can also see a small area outside the front door where two rocking chairs guard the entrance to the restaurant. Two sconces frame and light a beautiful wood door with ornate glass cutouts. Bearing the Andre's name, the house itself is set back from the street, behind a gate and beside a sidewalk that's lined with palm trees, the trunks of which are decorated with lights. Trees in the home's yard include a fruitless mulberry tree, which is also decorated with lights. Although guests can enjoy this quaint scene year round -- seasonally, it's worth noting, the patio outside is set for outdoor diners -- there are many lovely touches inside, as well, that you'll definitely want to enjoy.

Inside, Andre's is reminiscent of a small, family-owned French chateau, with dark wooden-beamed ceilings and rustic stucco walls. When you first enter, you will immediately note the bar, which is described in detail in our "Appealing Highlights" section. Bordering it is the Versailles room, which was added about five years after Andre's opened. Its hemispheric windows are decorated with two types of drapes, one made of sheer lace, which veils the window, and a set of drawn draperies over that. Elegant sconce lighting decorates the walls, as do beautiful prints. Tables throughout the restaurant are generous and set elegantly. Chairs are wooden with delicate arms and ornate upholstery, even on the arm, for a more pleasurable experience. An etched glass screen on top of a wooden divider separates one portion of the room from the next. There's effectively one row of tables here, at the side of which is a partial dropped ceiling that designates a hallway. On the opposite wall of that hallway, which is separated by beautifully drawn drapes, are numerous beautiful prints, above which is a shelf that houses priceless bottles of cognac and argmanac, part of the collection that Chef Andre Rochat is so well known for. While the Versaille room has about a half dozen tables, across the hall from it is a staircase to the Bordeaux room, where additional seating is available.

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