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Nestled within the Time Warner Center at 10 Columbus Circle is Per Se, one of New York's most elusive and most exquisite restaurants. We're told that the deal Thomas Keller was offered in order to create this approximately $12 million restaurant was amazing; not a single investor was needed. Not only was he given the chance to create his own masterpiece, however; during its planning, Keller allegedly was given final say as to which other chefs were invited into the gastronome's paradise known as "restaurant row" within the Time Warner Center. Among those he chose to join him: Gray Kunz, of Lespinasse in New York; Masa Takayama, of Ginza Sushiko in Beverly Hills; and Michael Lomonaco, formerly of Windows on the World in the World Trade Center. Keller's leadership is more than appropriate, considering his exacting standards; his kitchens are rumored to have a video link through which he can observe remotely what's happening there. Speaking of kitchens, Per Se's takes up almost half of the 13,400-square-foot restaurant, which is the largest in the Time Warner monolith.

Per Se is located on the fourth floor of the Time Warner Center, along with Porterhouse, Masa, Bar Masa and the Stone Rose Lounge; nearby on the third floor, meanwhile, are Keller's Bouchon Bakery and Landmark, Mark Murphy's new restaurant. You know immediately that you've reached Keller's gastronomic heaven, however, upon seeing Per Se's blue door, the same kind of door that adorns The French Laundry, Keller's famous Napa Valley restaurant. Its exterior looks almost like a small garden; there's a dark framed arch through which you enter the garden area, where the blue door is flanked on both sides by floor-to-ceiling windows. Framed in dark wood, the windows beckon you to step through them and into the experience that is Per Se. They're a teaser, though, as you really can't see the restaurant's vastness through them; to get a proper view, you must step inside. Just in case you want a peak at the menu before you do, there are copies inside a wooden and glass cabinet that's located outside the pre-garden arch. There are even extra copies for you to take with you as a memento upon leaving, if your server doesn't offer you one.

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