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Emilio Tiburcio

Healthy Cocktails - The "Beet"ing Heart

    Emilio Tiburcio
Mixologist Fusion Mixology Bar

When you're in Las Vegas, "indulge" is the operative word. To keep from overindulging, however, during our most recent trip to the Strip we spoke with our resident mixology expert, multi-award-winning mixologist Emilio "Energy" Tiburcio of Fusion Mixology Bar at the Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino, who we challenged with creating a contradiction of sorts: a healthy cocktail. Although we never thought we'd use them in the same sentence, Tiburcio proved to us with his healthy creation that the words "healthy" and "cocktail" are better bedfellows than you might expect. Never mind what your doctor thinks -- we doubt he'd consider this "healthy" -- if you're looking to dial down your guilt factor with a drink that's at least a little bit nutritious, try this recipe that's as rich in vitamins as it is in alcohol. And if you're really committed to healthy living, you can always order it as a virgin!

Components of "Beet"ing Heart

Tiburcio is especially qualified to take our healthy cocktail challenge, as he won first place in EFFEN® Vodka's "The Art of Design" competition and earned the title of EFFEN® Vodka Mixologist thanks to his Sun Burn, a concoction of vodka, pineapple juice and muddled cactus! The competition spanned Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago and Milwaukee, where premier local mixologists were invited to design cocktails in an Iron Chef-style format. Of course, Tiburcio is no stranger to competition. In fact, he also was the winner of the Amarula Experiment Throw Down, a competition during which he edged out more than 300 competitors in New Orleans' French Quarter, where competitors created three Amarula-based cocktails each: first, their winning cocktail from the semi-final competition; second, a shot; and third, a cocktail using mystery ingredients such as mini Oreo cookies, peanut butter, Dr. Pepper soda and almond extract, among others. (Amarula, for those who don't know, is a South African liqueur made from Marula fruit.) Tiburcio's other accolades include third place in the 42BELOW Cocktail World Cup 2010 Las Vegas and second place in the DonQ Rum Mix Off U.S.B.G., where he competed in the Las Vegas finals. Additionally, Tiburcio has created drinks for XENERGY using its XYIENCE energy drink and is a founding member of the creative force behind Progressive Bar Las Vegas, a beverage consulting company whose mission is to experiment with new creations, forecast future trends and generally unravel the mystery behind mixed drinks. Cognizant of the environment, Progressive Bar members use only the finest-quality spirits as their way of giving back to the environment. For example, they use TRU Vodka because for every bottle that's sold, a tree is planted in a rainforest in Central America.

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