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Located in Beverly Hills on the corner of Bedford Drive and Little Santa Monica Boulevard, Crustacean is a uniquely beautiful addition to the neighborhood. Teak colored wood surrounds glass doors and hosts the gold 9646-the restaurant’s address-that marks Crustacean's home. While there is outdoor dining with elegantly set tables and lots of lush greenery on the side of Bedford Drive, there are also some seats along Little Santa Monica Boulevard. Olive and sunset colored umbrellas are strategically placed throughout the outdoor dining area in addition to elegantly patterned semitransparent screens, which are laid out in a quarter-circle shape at the ceiling level. A wooden palisade, which consists of a wooden frame and lines of wood that cascade diagonally through it, separates diners from pedestrian traffic. Tall floor lamp lighting is set outside for evening dining.

Upon entry into Crustacean you'll be immediately in the bar area. It's where you'll get your first impression of the restaurant's interior and it's quite impressive. To the right is the hostess station and to the left a gently curved bar. The wall behind the bar houses multiple open-faced cabinets, both mirrored and made of glass, that are filled with beautiful bottles. Incredibly comfortable armless upholstered teak chairs with gently curved backs line the bar while backless upholstered stools dot the rest of the lounge area. Dramatic purple and green floral arrangements are strategically placed throughout the lounge area, too, along with columns that are decorated with green dragon-like paintings; the dragon symbolizes good luck while the green represents happiness and prosperity. To the right of the bar are floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the outdoor dining on Bedford Drive. Here there are several regal dining areas that feature armed and armless chairs upholstered in velvet beneath a dark ornate wooden canopy, which is attached to a sofa with richly colored flowing draperies that can be untied for more privacy from the outside. The final touch: There's a piano directly in front of the entrance to the main dining room.

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