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Appealing Highlights
    Sunken Floor Aquarium

The bar and lounge area of Crustacean is truly unique. Imagine a sunken floor aquarium filled with Koi. Can't imagine it? Then just look down as you enter the door at Crustacean. The river embedded in the floor meanders through the bar area in a flowing curvilinear line that is parallel to the bar itself. Beneath the glass, which is itself bordered in green - a color that represents happiness and prosperity in Asian culture - you'll note the fanciful white, gold orange and multicolored Koi swimming underneath your feet amongst incredibly clear water and beautiful stones. We do wonder how they get their oxygen, though, as this is completely covered within the restaurant. Not to worry: They appear very happy and lively.

Wall of Water

There's another piece with this spectacular aquarium that resides at the front door next to the hostess station. It's a wall of water that serves as the start of the meandering river. This wall is located directly below a dark wooden sign that's emblazoned with gold lettering that reads, "Crustacean Beverly Hills." The vertical glass window is filled with water, coral and exotic multicolored fish, as well as lush green plants. It adds to the special feeling when you enter Crustacean that you've entered a world unlike anything in Beverly Hills; it's reminiscent of the exotic area that is Vietnam. We're told that the entire aquarium is about 80 feet long; it's not one that you could take home for the kids, but it's certainly one that provides a great deal of pleasure while you're there, watching the Koi enjoy their swim.

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