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The Secrets Behind the Gourmet Food Truck


TravelsinTaste.com: What inspired you to create Fukuburger?

Fukunaga: I was an operating partner for P.F. Chang’s for about 10 years and after that I wanted to open my own restaurant, but it was right before the recession hit rock bottom. We put it on the back burner for awhile and then my mom actually suggested we do what the Kogi guys were doing in California. I came up with the idea for Fukuburger because my grandfather used to own a sandwich shop and he used to let me play around and cook burgers when I was like 7. My heritage is Japanese and, of course, I like a lot of the seasonings and flavors that my culture has to offer and so I put them together.

TravelsinTaste.com: When was opening day?

Fukunaga: July 4 was our opening. The food truck trend had gotten really popular in California and Las Vegas was really in need of something different, so I think we hit it at the right time. We didn’t spend money on ads—it was all social networking and word of mouth.

TravelsinTaste.com: How do your customers know where to find the truck?

Fukunaga: The major driving factor for figuring out where we are going to be ended up being twitter. It is a really interactive tool. We get a lot of requests, but we usually stick to Chinatown on Spring Mt. next to the Bank of America. Our motif is Chinatown and Asian-influenced cuisine. That has been really good for us. We don’t like to play hide and go seek. Our customers like to know where we are going to be.

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