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Appealing Highlights
    Outdoor Dining

Perhaps the most appealing attraction at The Belvedere is its gorgeous outdoor dining. Separated from the main dining room by a set of pretty French doors, it features an entire garden's worth of trees, flowers and sunshine; it is quintessential California. The terrace is bordered by a series of sophisticated white columns, behind which is a white trellis that spans the length of the patio. Behind the trellis is an abundance of greenery and lining it in front is a variety of gorgeous plant life, including orange trees and a bright mix of potted seasonal flowers. During the winter months, large heat lamps interspersed throughout keep guests cozy and comfortable. Meanwhile, during the summer months, a canopy ceiling shades them from the intense California sunshine.


The crown jewel of The Belvedere's outdoor dining landscape is its large stone fountain. Located near the front of the patio, in front of the trellis, it is simple - a large stone basin filled with water, featuring a modest geyser in its center - but striking. Above it are three tiers of bright pink flowers, planted within white iron flower boxes; together, they look like an elegant floral bakers rack above the fountain. Combined with the ivy that snakes its way down the terrace via its trellis, the fountain lends this vibrant outdoor space a truly romantic quality; if you can't have afternoon tea in an authentic English garden, this is without question the next best thing.

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