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Appealing Highlights
    Seats with a View
Chef Andre Rochat knows exactly what makes a restaurant tick; when it comes to both food and design he knows what works. Knowing that he had a small but spectacular space, Chef Rochat set out to make the most of his restaurant's real estate. And that he did. Alize has three wine cellars, one of which is located in the middle of the dining room; the restaurant needed the wine storage but didn't want to compromise its views, which are one of its major attractions. Chef Rochat adeptly realized therefore that to place the tables around the wine cellar would provide all of them with a view; those a little farther away from the window might enjoy less of that view, but would be lucky enough to have a seat next to the glassed two-level wine cellar. A view of the Strip and a view of the amazing bottles that encompass a portion of the 2,200 to 2,400 labels that Alize carries? What more could any diner want? How about a gorgeous bar? Alize has that, too; don't miss taking a peek at it, as it's stocked with a healthy supply of the restaurant's own signature liquors.

The View Itself

The view from Alize, located on the 56th floor of the Palms Casino Resort, will take your breath away. The restaurant prides itself on its 280-degree views of the Vegas Strip; through its 16-foot floor-to-ceiling windows, which are angled on the side overlooking the Strip, you can see every major hotel in Vegas. And on New Years Eve you can see all the fireworks from all those hotels in all their glory. The colors of the lights on the Palms provide an amazing three-quarter backdrop for the restaurant; the twinkling lights and sparkling colors give you an amazing I'm-on-the-top-of-the-world feeling. This is the ultimate bird's eye view of Las Vegas and you can enjoy it with a fine cognac or montrachet while watching the happenings below you. No hurry, no worry, no fuss. Just a spectacular backdrop for your dining pleasure.

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