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Appealing Highlights
    The Spire Bar

At the top of The Hotel in Miami Beach-the fourth story, to be exact-lies a Tiffany sign, a vestige of the previous hotel, the Tiffany Hotel, that called this building home. Illuminated by night, dramatic by day, this is the landmark of the Spire Bar, a rooftop bar that provides the best view of both worlds: It overlooks both the Atlantic ocean and the busy land life on Collins Avenue. Previously, this bar was open only to hotel guests. Luckily, it is now open to the public, so any night Thursday through Sunday you can stop by and secure one of the bar's signature "electronic cocktails," made with glowing ice cubes in red, green and blue, while you relax on white couches with oversized pillows. If you choose not to have a signature cocktail, you can get a variety of upscale wines and champagnes, as well as some finger food, to pass the evening hours. The great news is that the Spire Bar’s menu is also within Chef Bloise's domain. The space itself is about 47 feet by 24 feet at its widest and longest. The semicircular bar is in the corner overlooking Collins Avenue and 8th Street. The ocean views lie on the far side directly across from the bar, so nothing interferes with your view of the setting sun.

The Pool Deck

The roof at The Hotel also houses the pool deck, a pool with spectacular views of the Atlantic ocean. Although the pool is somewhat small-it accommodates about 38 bathers-it's not small for the size of the hotel, which has approximately 53 rooms and suites, and is perfectly in line with the property's intimate feel; it's cozy while providing maximum luxury and comfort. The pool is open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. and provides amazing sunrise and sunset views. It is accompanied by a poolside bar that's shaded overhead by a white canopy and decorated with various shades of green and blue tiles. There are even cabanas where you can pull a drape and cut yourself off from the action outside at the bar and in the pool, and an outside shower wall that's embedded with the same green and blue tiles that adorn the bar, as well as a blue tiled floor.

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