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Sirio Ristorante

Executive Chef Vincenzo Scarmiglia

    Sogliola Al Limone Con Patate E Cavolfiori Schiacciati E Pinoli Tostati

Dining with Chefs: Executive Chef Vincenzo Scarmiglia
Sirio Ristorante (Part 3 of 3)

Because we were craving fish, we ordered some when we saw one of our favorites on the menu: Sogliola al Limone con Patate e Cavolfiori Schiacciati -- or more simply put, Dover Sole -- served tableside. "We wanted to have a few items done tableside," Chef Scarmiglia explained. "That was one of the requests of Mr. Maccioni. One is the Fiorentina -- the Porterhouse is a classic Tuscan dish -- and one is the Dover Sole, which is a fish that everyone will like. Sometimes you have Sea Bass. Some people don't like Sea Bass and some people don't like other kinds of fish, but everyone loves the Dover Sole. So we put this Dover Sole on the menu. We decided to do it tableside; it’s a good seller and people love it. It's pretty close to the sole meuniere, like they make in France. We prepare it with a lemon butter sauce on the side. We decide to put a starch in the dish -- a crushed potato -- and the cauliflower goes very well with the lemon and the potato. Then I put a touch of toasted pine nuts so it becomes a little bit different. It's definitely one of the best-selling dishes on the menu. It's very, very good."

We've noticed that in some other restaurants, the Dover Sole comes lukewarm; so, we asked Chef Scarmiglia how he gets the fish to arrive so hot and fresh. "Because we serve it on a very hot plate," he told us. "Being so thin, putting the Dover Sole on a very hot surface keeps the temperature. We try to train our staff to de-bone it quickly so that it's served to the customer very quickly. We did a lot of training; before the opening, we ate a lot of Dover Sole!"

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