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Appealing Highlights
    Amazing Natural Light

Porter House New York might simply be one of the best-lit restaurants in New York. That's not only due to its beautiful lighting structures, but also to the fact that two of its walls are covered with windows through which natural light shines in. Not many restaurants in the city can claim so much light. Although light is great for the customer, for restaurateurs it can make it that much harder to keep their restaurant clean. Such is not the case at Porter House New York; no matter where you look, you can't find a spec of dust. As a matter of fact, the place is gleaming. You can rest assured that Porter House New York is impeccable in its cleanliness - even in the harshest light.

Dramatic Views of Central Park

The breathtaking picture windows that frame two walls within the main dining room at Porter House New York provide spectacular views of Central Park, Columbus Circle and a portion of Midtown Manhattan. Whether it's summer, when you can see the park's lush greenery, or winter, when you can see its snow-capped trees, you can enjoy the views from your seat at in the dining room. You can watch the cabs navigate Columbus Circle and the glimmering statue of Christopher Columbus set atop a white column in Central Park, almost as large as the trees around it. And on a clear day, you can see almost the whole Upper East Side from 59th Street on up.

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