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Appealing Highlights
    Wine Cellars/Bar

CUT has three wine cellars, each filled with a wonderful assortment of wines. The first, you'll notice, is located over the bar, which is a dark, highly polished corner bar with a cream base that holds approximately nine people on comfortable, low-backed chrome and leather stools. On the far left wall lies a small flat screen TV, and there are about four rows of bottles on three wooden shelves that hold a variety of spirits, each lit by tiny spotlights. Above this lies the wine cellar; from the top of the bar to the ceiling, it's the largest of CUT's three cellars. Suspended from a drop ceiling above the bar are box-shaped pendant lights with rectilinear sheets of glass that are textured with a large circle held together with stainless steel or chrome. Inside each pendant light is an electric candle that creates quite a dramatic effect. Rows of two of these boxes are suspended from the drop ceiling by long, thin metal fasteners. The wine cellar itself, which stretches to the top of the regular ceiling, is made of glass framed in walnut and cream wood, which is shaped as 16 framed windows on each of the two sides of the cellar that are visible from the lounge. Overall the restaurant has an extensive wine list with about 2,500 bottles and more than 650 labels from the United States -- California and Washington -- France, Italy, Austria, Australia, Spain, Argentina, Hungary, Portugal and more. The wine list is so large, in fact, that it needs to be brought to you in a binder. It also includes half bottles and large format bottles, which are 1.5 liters. CUT also has a beer, cognac, armagnac and port list, not to mention a special wine preservation system that ensures all wines by the glass are served at optimum freshness. The restaurant's second wine cellar is a glass-encased cellar by the bar that houses white wine. The third is not visible from the bar and houses the restaurant's special selections, including the high-end Bordeaux and Burgundies. An added lovely touch is that wine priming is done tableside in the restaurant -- not exactly an everyday occurrence at most restaurants!


The lounge is the first thing you'll notice when you enter CUT. Toward the right is a comfortable corner with a midnight-colored couch and silver oversized pillows, along with three small dark wooden tables, each decorated with a votive candle. Several chocolate-colored stools are also available for your seating pleasure. Not only is this a perfectly snug area, but it is also an attractive one, decorated on one side by a full-length window through which is a perfect view of the main waterfall in the Grand Palazzo shopping area. The rest of the lounge area, meanwhile, is toward your left, ending with a wall that divides the lounge from the restaurant, which has a wooden and cream-colored upholstered banquette that spans six circular, highly polished red tables adorned with votive candles. Opposite the banquette are leather and chrome stools that provide seating for the other side of the tables. Above the banquette is a John Millei painting that decorates the cool creamy walls. A long couch in the same style as the banquette against the wall partially divides the room into two distinct areas within the same space. The couch is subdivided on each side into two sections, each with an oblong walnut table and patterned oversized pillows. Glass vases set with long branches sit atop the couch. Another banquette decorates the far left wall while a variety of other tables are strategically placed throughout the lounge along with two-tone armless upholstered chairs that provide additional seating options. A much longer John Millei painting decorates this wall, which is perpendicular to the bar. Lighting is modern and dramatic. Groups of three-by-three boxes, much in line with the restaurant's exterior, are held together by chrome and illuminate the lounge, which seats about 60 and serves a modified menu of finger foods, including smaller appetizers and things from the starter menu, such as shrimp cocktail and their famous mini Kobe sliders.

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