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Fleur by Hubert Keller

Favorite Local Places to Take a Chef

    Fleur by Hubert Keller
Chef & Co-Owner Hubert Keller

TravelsinTaste recently asked renowned chef and "Top Chef Masters" contender Hubert Keller where would he take a chef friend in San Francisco, the home of his award-winning Fleur de Lys.

TravelsinTaste: Where would you take a chef friend if he came to visit you in San Francisco, aside from your own fabulous Fleur de Lys?

Keller: AsiaSF. It is a restaurant where they don't take themselves too seriously when it comes to food, but actually the food is good. And at the same time they are performing a show. It’s a restaurant that has existed for the last eight or nine years and all the waitresses are all drag queens; they perform for half an hour, putting on a show behind the bar. Everyone that I take there loves it more than any three-star or four-star restaurant in the city because it is a fun place where there's entertainment. It is a restaurant, though. They are actually taking your order and serving you food. It's a fun place to be with chefs, because the industry goes there. Actually, one year I took over the whole place. It was my wife's birthday and, believe it or not, I had about seven French chefs there. We actually were the performance behind the bar that night!

For more about where Chef Keller other passion, deejaying, click here, or for more about his secrets in the kitchen, click here.
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