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Fleur by Hubert Keller

Secrets in Fleur's Kitchen

    Fleur by Hubert Keller
Chef & Co-Owner Hubert Keller

TravelsinTaste recently had the chance to speak with Hubert Keller, one of America's most renowned chefs and a contender on Bravo's "Top Chef Masters," about his kitchen and its contents. Once we heard about the liquid nitrogen, we knew we had to find out more!

TravelsinTaste: What do you have in your kitchen that someone might consider unusual for a Las Vegas restaurant kitchen?

Keller: We have a number of unusual things. First of all, Fleur is one of the first restaurants that introduced liquid nitrogen. We have a couple of our cocktails on the menu that we freeze right in front of you. We are also doing a dessert affogato, where we literally are freezing the ice cream tableside -- right in front of you. We were the first ones to introduce that in Las Vegas. It is usually very attractive, in the sense of the smoke and everything else happening. Also, it is about the flavors and textures that you get when freezing ice cream in nitrogen. In the back, we have the fancy ice cream makers -- the Rolls Royce of ice cream makers. Even that one doesn't freeze ice cream as smooth as when we do it with nitrogen. It’s a special effect -- it’s a cool thing -- but at the same time you have an unbelievable result.

We have quite a few things. We are using mini smokers, for example. When we do our baby back ribs, we smoke them to order in these mini smokers. It’s a wet smoke, so we load those machines and then we actually put a glass dome over your dish and smoke it right there, then bring it out in the dining room with a glass dome so you can see it. It's like a totally cloudy glass dome, and then when we release it the smoke comes out. Your ribs are literally smoked to order. It’s a very light smoke, but very well done.

At Fleur de Lys, we were the first ones to start introducing whole different services when it comes to absinthe, which has taken over very quickly when it comes to Vegas restaurants. Originally when absinthe came to the market we were really the first ones doing the entire service, and we added the one where we're flambéing the liquor and inhaling the fumes. All that stuff really started at Fleur de Lys.

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