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Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon

    Joel Robuchon
Joel Robuchon (Part 2 of 2)

TravelsinTaste: Do you have a favorite friends and family menu that you prepare in your free time when you are at home, away from the pressures of your restaurants?

Joel Robuchon: One of my favorites is for my grandkids. One thing that is very popular with them is a basic roasted chicken. What I do is I cook the potatoes in the same pot as the chicken so the potatoes take in all the flavors from the chicken as the chicken cooks. They become very soft and get all the flavors from the chicken. It's very simple. When I am cooking at home I don't want to do anything too complicated. Another dish that they actually request from me quite often is croque monsieur, the French version of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Instead of bread I do it with thick slices of potatoes. I boil the potatoes and cut them in slices and then make a croque monsieur and grill it. This is one of the most requested items from my grandkids.

TravelsinTaste: Do you recruit talent for the kitchen and the house, or does the perceived excellence of the restaurant provide a never-ending pool of qualified applicants?

Joel Robuchon: I try to as much as possible to retain our talent. We do recruit, sometimes locally and sometimes from culinary and other schools, but what we try and what we are able to do now is really promote people from within -- maybe from within a specific restaurant, for example, someone will start as a commis then become a chef de partie then maybe a sous chef. Now, with restaurants in different places, I have the ability to send people from one place to another. For some people it's really, really attractive to have an experience abroad. Unfortunately, sometimes we need to deal a little bit with immigration laws and immigration regulations, which sometimes makes it a little more difficult. In most cases, though, it is really great for us and also great for them because we get exposure in different places. If you look at all of my restaurants you'll see that all the executive chefs are people who have been with me for many, many years. A lot of them started pretty low on the organization chart and have gone up and up and up. Same with some of the lower chefs; a lot of people have been with me for many, many years.

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