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John Schenk

The Search for the Q

    John Schenk
Executive Chef Strip House

BBQ is one of the most hotly debated food subjects in the country. Gas versus charcoal? Wet rib versus dry rib rubs? Television shows such as TLC network's BBQ Pitmasters and Food Network's Down Home with the Neelys contribute to its popularity. We went to one of the experts, Chef John Schenk, executive chef for the Strip House family, which includes restaurants across the country, to find the answers. Shenck's passion for food has no bounds. With a nose for smoke and an insatiable hankering for the best BBQ around he's found it. We've got the scoop for you, Chef Schenk's favorite barbeque spots, with his insight. So, sit back and savor the flavor of these not to miss BBQ joints.

The big apple is no stranger to the pit with a myriad of BBQ options. In New York Schenk favors "The Smoke Joint" an urban roadhouse in Brooklyn, an intimate joint with an open kitchen where the pit reigns supreme. "I fell into this place after playing tennis in Fort Greene Park. There it stood. Like a smoky beacon on a distant hill, calling my name. The Hacked Pork and the Beef Short Ribs have a real competition going on between them. Both are dry-spice rubbed and packed with flavor, and pair well with the dipping sauces. I consider the Smoky Greens and ‘Cued Beans the dynamic duo of my culinary palate-I could eat those all day long! There’s lots of love of BBQ here!"

The Smoke Joint
87 South Elliot Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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