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Appealing Highlights

The bar at the Polo Lounge is made of rich wood and nestled to the left as you enter the restaurant. Cream colored columns adorn the bar, which is capped by a slight cream colored drop-down ceiling. Rich, inviting, open-backed upholstered bar stools adorn the backlit bar, the centerpiece of which is a black and white picture of polo players that's illuminated by spotlights. The picture is surrounded on each side by a mirrored back and glass shelves that hold glasses on the bottom and bottles on the right. The Beverly Hills Hotel has a mighty long history in entertaining Hollywood notables. Interestingly enough, Will Rogers and the founder of 20th Century Fox, Darryl Zanuck, often played polo together and frequently stopped by the bar for drinks after matches in order to regale their numerous tales of the day. Thus, the name of the restaurant was changed to the Polo Lounge, in honor of them.

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining at the Polo Lounge is simply beautiful. A majestic Brazilian pepper tree commands the patio, which is adorned with white festoon lighting; it happens to be older than the hotel itself and is without question the focal point of the outdoor patio. The patio itself is filled with rich flora and white umbrellas, which sit atop a red brick floor. White wrought iron chairs with green cushions accompany the tables, which during the day are covered with white tablecloths featuring yellow, pink and sunset hued flowers. Orchids enclosed in glass with stones adorn each table. The patio is enclosed by pink painted brick, white trellises, flowing ivy and trees, which prevent you from seeing anything - or being seen by anyone - beyond the patio. There's even a slightly raised portion of the patio, if you care to sit a few inches above everyone else. Windows and windowed doors allow indoor diners to look outside at the patio. There are even large columns with cylindrical tops that house flowing greenery. The doors themselves have The Beverly Hills Hotel seal on them; they are so clean, after all, that without the seal, one might inadvertently walk into them on the way out to take notice of the magnificent patio.

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