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Appealing Highlights
    Wine Room
Located on the second floor of Fleur is the wine room’s impressive master table, the ultimate elegant private dining for the oenophile, which is available for up to eight people. This table provides dramatic views of the entire dining room and patio from above it, where you’re sitting on the second story behind a grand floor-to-ceiling window. Enveloped in racks of wine bottles, you are in your own special area, visible only to downstairs diners through a window in the stone wall beside you. The wine racks and credenzas that surround you like a grape blanket hold about 12,000 bottles of wine. The intimate atmosphere is markedly different from the restaurant. When you’re eating here, you feel like your party is the only group of guests in the restaurant. This is truly a one-of-kind dining experience.


Not only is Fleur's cuisine dramatic; the cocktails have a kick, too. Starting with Fleur Flights, these combos are paired with complementary flavors and range from the Tropical Flight (which showcases a Fleurtini, Sparkling Peach Blossom and Sumo) to the Decadent (highlighting White Chocolate, Chocolate Coconut and Espresso Martinis). Add to that a little liquid nitrogen and you can have frozen cocktails prepared tableside, which benefit from the nitrogen's affects of bringing the cocktail to a sorbet consistency with exploding flavors. As Vegas' first restaurant to offer cocktails infused with liquid nitrogen, the fun doesn't end there. That same nitrogen is used to create a spectacular tableside dessert: the Afforgato a la N2, a coffee-based dessert that's full of fun and flavor, prepared tableside. As if that's not enough, Fleur was also one of the first restaurants in Vegas to serve the previously banned absinthe, offered in the full range of styles, from traditional to the Russian, flambéed in front of you complete with passion fruit, oj and vapors!

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