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Appealing Highlights
    Dessert Cart

A multilevel dessert cart with polished shelves adorns the dining room at Joel Robuchon. On it are multiple glass jars, beautiful raised candy dishes and open bowls all filled with a variety of multicolored confections of various shapes, sizes and tastes for your after-dinner pleasure. A beautiful purple orchid adorns the top shelf of the cart, which your server wheels to your table after dinner. He will gladly point out all the various confectionary choices and give you as many favorites as you desire, although at this point you might just be too full to partake if you've had the 16-course tasting menu. What about a little doggy bag? The servers are happy to oblige, and the sweets are still great for breakfast the next morning.

Multiple Chandeliers

Joel Robuchon is home to two completely different styles of crystal chandeliers. Both are beautiful. You can see both chandeliers as you enter the restaurant; because the lights are dimmed and both hang on the same perpendicular line from the entryway into the main dining room, you get a completely dramatic view of them, as if you were walking into the townhouse of a wealthy Parisian noble. The first chandelier has more of a yellow hue and consists of three separate cylinders, each hanging at a different level within the next, all draped in strands of crystals. The chandelier in the main dining room, meanwhile, is more elaborate and less modern. It features multiple crystal beads emanating from an ornate top, multiple candles in crystal candle holders with glass flames and a curvilinear attachment at its base. Multiple crystal ornaments adorn the bottom of the drapes between candles. This one is made of Swavorski crystal and is truly French historical romantic in design.

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