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Mark LoRusso (Part 2 of 3)
There's a farmer's market in Summerland, near Vegas, according to Chef LoRusso, but it's certainly not the size of the Union Square or Santa Monica farmers' markets. "The main thing about Vegas as far as produce is concerned is we can get really nice produces. Trucks drive in every day from Los Angeles that bring the produce. Others ship continually. We miss a connection, though. When I lived in San Francisco, the guys would drive the stuff to you, or go to the farmers' market for you. There's a great one near the Golden Gate Bridge, where a lot of the farmers go. You miss that connection being in Vegas."

The dearth of farmers' markets doesn't keep Chef LoRusso away from his favorite ingredients, though. In particular, he likes to cook with seafood. "I like scallops a lot," he says. "I also like dungenous crab meat. I use crabmeat quite often. I really like ingredients that are in season. A few months ago we got some great fava beans in. They are great for a few months. Now I'm really excited about corn, heirloom tomatoes and zucchini blossoms. Each season there's something special, then the season is gone and the next season begins. It keeps the cooks interested and the wait staff, too."

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