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On a recent trip to South Beach, we were excited to see that we could actually have breakfast at Vix at the Hotel Victor. The Web site indicated a breakfast menu, and when we called for reservations we were told the restaurant only had room at the Chef's Table at 8:30 a.m. So, we gave the restaurant our credit card number and eagerly awaited our breakfast. We felt we'd lucked out. Upon arrival at the Hotel Victor, however, the restaurant was empty and locked. Apparently, Vix is not open for breakfast.

The front desk quickly called the manager of Vix, who came down immediately, apologized profusely and erased our credit card information from the system. She told us that they only served breakfast in the upstairs restaurant, not Vix. When all was said and done, she was incredibly professional and very apologetic. She even, very kindly, wanted to secure a dinner reservation for us that evening, though we unfortunately were already booked. If this had to happen, it happened in the most professional and kind manner possible. The team will definitely be back to try Vix-but not for breakfast. Hopefully, the Web site will soon be updated to reflect the fact that they don't serve breakfast. Or better yet, maybe they will start.

Here is some interesting information about Vix and the Hotel Victor:

Vix is located in the Hotel Victor on Ocean Drive. As popular as Ocean Drive is, this spot is particularly fashionable as it is next to the former Versace mansion, which is now Casa Casuarina, a private club. The hotel was originally designed by L. Murray Dixon in 1937, a principal architect of South Beach's Art Deco style. It closed its doors in the mid-1960s, like many other Miami hotels, and was purchased in 2000. It reopened in 2005 after a $48 million restoration project that was spearheaded by ZOM, the famed Orlando developer. ZOM chose renowned Parisian designer Jacques Garcia-whose portfolio includes the Hôtel Costes in Paris as well as projects for several famous private clients, including the Sultan of Brunei-to create the feeling for Hotel Victor. This was Garcia's first American Hotel assignment, though he has subsequently designed David Bouley Evolution at the Ritz Carlton South Beach click here for more information.

Once you pass through the lobby of the hotel, toward the rear and to the right, you are transformed into a dark, romantic entryway that leads to Vix. This antechamber has a large crystal chandelier and is separated from the main restaurant by a sizable thin-glass fish tank that's filled with live diaphanous jellyfish, which leisurely float throughout the tank. The tank itself is flanked by two large hanging lights and sits inside a cutout within the wall, on the other side of which is a banquette; diners who choose to sit there are close enough to the jellyfish to call them tablemates.

The live jellyfish are only one piece in the restaurant's thematic puzzle. There are also dozens of gem-studded strings hanging throughout the restaurant like a jellyfish's swaying crystal tendryls They hang, for instance, from jellyfish-shaped chandeliers in the restaurant's antechamber and, once inside the semi-circle shaped dining room-part of the original façade-over a fully stocked oval-shaped bar. They even hang like floor-length drapes separating the bar from the main restaurant.

Of course, jellyfish aren't all there is to see. To the far left of the restaurant, for example, lies an open kitchen with space for four for those who want to dine overlooking the kitchen. This is the Chef's table.
Executive Chef James Wierzelewski's menu is multicultural, claiming cuisine that's inspired by culinary traditions in the Mediterranean, Latin America, Asia, India and the Middle East. The restaurant has a DJ and charges an automatic 18 percent gratuity, or a 20 percent gratuity for parties of six or more.

The lighting at Vix is warm, which combines with the luxurious wood furniture, suede and leather seats, and swaying crystal strands to create a uniquely romantic feel. At least one full wall is filled with windows that are covered by diaphanous drapes. Vix overlooks the garden terrace, which offers a unique twist on the typical outside terrace: Instead of table umbrellas, the Garden Entrance has a white canvas canopy. No matter where you're sitting, therefore, you are protected from the stark Florida sun.

*Please note that the restaurants featured at TravelsinTaste.com may have changed their personnel, menu, pricing, decor, hours of operation, etc., since our last visit. The competitive and creative nature of the fine dining scene virtually assures that changes will occur on a frequent basis in order to make diners happier, meals more pleasurable and visits more frequent. Given their frequent fluctuations, most restaurants welcome inquiries about their current hours, menu and more.

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