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Executive Chef Michael Mina

    AMERICAN FISH BY Michael Mina
Executive Chef Michael Mina

TravelsinTaste had the distinct pleasure of joining Michael Mina for an amazing cooking demonstration at his restaurant, AMERICAN FISH by Michael Mina at Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. He delighted us by demonstrating the four fish preparations used in his restaurant -- poached in ocean water, grilled over cast iron, baked in sea salt, and wood-grilled and smoked -- all while preparing a sampling of each for our tasting.

We began with an Ocean Water Poached Halibut with buckwheat noodles, bok choy, mushrooms and sake broth. “You don’t salt the fish at all. The salt in the ocean water actually seasons it perfectly," explained Chef Mina, who gets his ocean water form Hawaii and Monterey Bay, among other places. "When you hold the fish in the ocean water it keeps the fish really fresh. If you put salt in the water, and put fish in it, it will brine the fish, but if you put fish in ocean water it won’t. It’s fascinating. We’ll hold a piece of fish for two days in ocean water, and it doesn’t cook at all.”

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