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Patricia Richards

Secrets Behind the Wynn Cocktail Program

    Patricia Richards
Mixologist Wynn Las Vegas & Encore

TravelsinTaste.com: Do you have any competitions or events coming up?

Richards: On January 9th, I will be in Guadalajara, learning about tequila from tequila professors through the Siembra Azul Foundation, which I am very excited about. In July I won the USBG National Milagro Competition in New Orleans at Tales of the Cocktail. I have so much going on all the time I kind of have to pick and choose what I feel is a good one to do. There are so many competitions nowadays. It’s a great opportunity for the young people to do what I did when I was a bartender and enter them as practice. I get that practice daily at work, so it’s a little different for me now. It is a wonderful publicity tool, so it's great to still get your name out there on occasion. Time is just limited, so I have to pick and choose. It gets to be like you're a workaholic, and I'm really not. I like my time off. I like to go hiking and I like my friends, but you have to be able to take care of your house and you have to have that work-life balance. Even if you work hard during the week, you need two days off to do other things.

Fig Side Car

TravelsinTaste.com: Would you care to share some items from your new menu at Parasol Up, Parasol Down?

Richards: Sure. Parasol is our premiere lounge that I used to bartend at. Basically, I've got a Fig Side Car. This season figs are hot. I'm doing it with a Martel VSOP Cognac infused with some mission fig and some vanilla bean. Then I'm adding some Grand Marnier, a little spash of Benedictine liqueur and some fresh sweet and sour. You give it a stir and then a zest of orange and you're all set. Then there's Mayan Hot Chocolate that I already described. I have another cocktail on the menu, a Heritage Sour, which has Basil Hayden's Bourbon and I'm infusing St. Germain Elderflower liqueur with some applewood smoked bacon and a dash of Peychaud's Bitters, and I'm putting some fresh Maple Sour in there. It’s a delicious cocktail. My inspiration for this menu is global flavors. The Heritage Sour is from Bourbon County in Kentucky. I have a Velvet Sailor cocktail inspired by the islands, with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, John Taylor Velvet Falernum Hum Botanical Spirit, fresh lime and Depaz Cane Syrup. I have a Creole Lemon Drop. Because Creole is that French/Louisiana thing, I have a cayenne pepper sugar rim, Grey Goose Vodka and French, Clement "Creole Shrubb" Liqueur, which is an orange liqueur that has Cajun spices in it. It’s a twist on a Lemon Drop, but it's got the Cajun effect; it's not too spicy, but it's got a little bit of kick. I have this other one, though, called East Meets West. Mojitos are still so popular here, so I did a twist on a Mojito with Beefeater 24 Gin. Believe it or not, it’s a very citrus-forward gin and it's got some green tea in it as a botanical. I put a little Canton Ginger Liqueur with mint and some fresh lemon. Then I made Lemongrass-Ginger simple syrup and it's absolutely delicious. You can't even taste the gin in this one. It's like, "Oh my gosh, there's gin in there? I can't believe it!" Then I have this other one called a Spiced Apple Cooler; I sourced this product called Reed's Spiced Apple Ginger Brew, which I found at Whole Foods. I combined that with some fresh lemon, Granny's Apple Liqueur, Canton Ginger Liqueur and Patron Silver Tequila, with a little baby apple on the rim of the glass. It's absolutely delicious and a beautiful presentation.

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