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Rene Lenger (Part 3 of 3)
While he has favorite seasons, Chef Lenger is hard-pressed to choose a favorite ingredient. He has too many, he says, to pick just one. When pressed, however, he acknowledged that he especially loves heirloom tomatoes. His most surprising ingredient, meanwhile, is Old Bay seasoning - he even uses it in his French fries. No wonder they taste so good!

What about favorite dishes? Well, Chef Lenger prepares many specialty dishes, but two in particular stand out in his mind. One is the roasted quail appetizer, which is stuffed with mushroom and pancetta and served with fruit chutney. The other is an entrée that he ran as a special so frequently, and which was so well received, that it became a signature dish. This is the black truffle crusted filet mignon with cognac sauce and fresh truffles. Chef Lenger had tried to do something different with steak and truffles. He experimented with both and was inspired by the combination. He lightened the recipe with cognac sauce and veal stock, which gave it a refreshing taste. Then he crusted it with black truffles. "Something I felt was a great combination became a real success," he says.

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