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RM Seafood

Executive Chef Adam Sobel

    Roasted Fluke

RM Seafood
Executive Chef Adam Sobel

Our next two dishes catered once again to our inner carnivore. The first was a Morgan Valley lamb loin cooked in olive oil, baby leeks, ver jus and English peas two ways. "We do the lamb with English peas two ways: crunchy and just traditional. Those are glazed in what's like a beurre monte. The crunchy peas are wasabi peas, but it’s a real good texture contrast. So, we've got the peas two ways, then we've got a wild ramp puree and a black trumpet mushroom tuille that encases the whole lamb loin, pea shoots, lamb jus and red ver jus for acid."

Then, of course, we had to try the signature China Pig, which is prepared very intricately. "The China Pig is one of my favorites," Chef Sobel said. "We do our version of BBQ pork belly, Chinese style. It's kind of like dim sum on a plate. That was the inspiration for this, so we've got a little mini steamed bun with braised pork inside. We've got a bok choy leaf with pork cotton candy that we make in house. There's a little baby bok choy heart, and then we've got braised pigs tail, pig ear and black Chinese fungus in a caul fat, like a crepinette. And then there's the pork belly in the center of the plate. The cotton candy is preserved pork. Then we put it in the robot coupe. When you spin it in the robot coupe, the fibers of the meat separate and create cotton candy. It's pretty crazy."

Morgan Valley Lamb Loin

With all these differing flavors tantalizing our taste buds, we decided to ask Chef Sobel what his favorite ingredient is to work with. "Right now, I think my favorite things are the herbs that are coming from our friend's farm, the Andracki," he responded. "Steven and Claudia Andracki have been friends with Rick since he's been out here, and they own a farm out in Pahrump. It's called Sun Bake Farms. Five years ago, Rick bought chickens for them to raise for us -- Araucana chickens. What we were doing was taking all of our leftover bread and all of our compost -- everything -- and sending it to them so they could use it for chicken feed for these chickens. In return, we get these amazing Araucana eggs, which are green eggs. As time has progressed we have asked them to grow herbs for us, too, and vegetables. They supply us with probably 40 percent of our produce. Not all the produce, though. They hook us up with mint, basil, squash blossom leaves, watermelon, zucchinis, squash, Swiss chard, cilantro flowers -- unbelievable stuff. People bag on Vegas and say it's not sustainable, and this and that. But honestly, we're doing things that people don't even believe. We get our eggs delivered to us every other day -- freshly laid eggs. Restaurants in New York don't even get that. So, it's all about the connections and how much effort you put into the whole thing."

If all those wonderful herbs are his favorite ingredient, we wondered what Chef Sobel's favorite seafood is -- and what his favorite wine pairing for it is. "Turbot is my favorite," he said. "[I like it] roasted on the bone with brown butter. I like it with more of a hearty preparation. In wintertime, roasted with brown butter and maybe some black truffles -- a very earthy preparation. [I like it paired with] a pinot noir, a Burgundy -- it could go either way -- or maybe a Montrachet … something oaky, like a chardonnay. Or, if we go heavier on the mushroom side, we could lean more towards a Rhone or Chambertin, something like that. I'd keep it French, though."

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