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Appealing Highlights
    Attention to Detail

Chef Andre Rochat shows his love for his restaurant with his amazing attention to detail, which manifests itself in everything from the china and the beautifully designed menu to the dining room decorations, including the multiple roosters throughout the restaurant, which pay homage to the Gallic Rooster that is the French national emblem and has become the unspoken symbol of Andre's. The elegant French Chateau atmosphere is furthered in the restaurant's very setup. Tables are elegantly set with two sets of crisp white tablecloths, as well as elegant flowers that adorn each one. Some tables also feature a service plate with Andre's and a rooster on it. Other tables, meanwhile, feature beautifully designed china plates by Nina Campbell. Elegant glass candle holders are the finishing touch on each table. With different types of intimate lighting, beautiful pictures and welcoming draperies, each room has been decorated with rare love and authenticity. Here, you can tell that Chef Rochat has paid attention to every facet of the restaurant.


Directly in front of you as you enter Andre's is the spectacular bar. The highly polished wooden bar with brass accents will take your breath away. Lined by dark bar chairs with delicate backs and regal red cushions, this will surely impress. The entire back of the bar is mirrored with five shelves, each with small spotlights for viewing the collection of liquors. Below this is glassware. At the far end of the bar there is a table lamp with a rooster as its base. Beautiful small frosted glass lanterns sit on the bar, as well; because the restaurant itself is very romantically lit, these individual spotlights provide interesting accents. Seating at the bar is for about six, so you're sure to have a congenial experience. Directly across from the bar are more glass shelves with bottles of cognac and armagnac, again softly lit, although not as dramatically as at the bar. If you look closely, there are even bottles in the shapes of roosters. These are displayed prominently in the Versailles room, and are part of Chef Rochat's priceless collection of armagnacs, cognacs and other fine liquors.

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