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Executive Chef Shawn McClain

TravelsinTaste.com recently spoke with Executive Chef Shawn McClain of Sage in Las Vegas, who also is the chef/owner of Spring, Green Zebra and Custom House restaurants in Chicago. Because he's known for taking traditional, refined, sensible cuisine and kicking it up a notch with innovative concepts, we were anxious talk with the chef about where he would dine with his chef friends -- both in Chicago and Vegas -- as well as what he'd like to eat and where his favorite late-night Vegas spot is.

TravelsinTaste.com: If you had a chef friend in town, where would you take him?

McClain: If I were in Chicago, there's a dozen. I really want the food to be impressive. I really want the experience to be something that is going to make an impression on them. Probably Avec in Chicago. It's got small plates; it's small, cramped and loud -- everything that shouldn't make a restaurant successful! It's just booming and the chef de cuisine under Paul Kahan, a girl by the name of Koren Grieveson, who was actually just recognized by the James Beard Committee this year, just does an unbelievable job. The food is always just so delicious.

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