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Sirio Ristorante

Executive Chef Vincenzo Scarmiglia

    Carpaccio Di Manzo Alla Piemontese

Dining with Chefs: Executive Chef Vincenzo Scarmiglia
Sirio Ristorante (Part 2 of 3)

With that, our meal began to arrive and the conversation turned to cuisine. We started with the Carpaccio di Manzo alla Piemontese, which is white truffle-scented beef carpaccio and celery hearts salad with parmigiano reggiano shavings. Truly a twist on the classic, we asked Chef Scarmiglia how he came up with this dish. "Usually, the carpaccio is a classic Italian dish that is done with lemon vinaigrette, capers and some parmesan cheese," he explained. "We wanted to make it a little bit different. The entire menu is characteristic of classic Italian food with a twist. So we decided to make it with truffle vinaigrette and with parmesan cheese. I prepare it in the truffle season and eventually shave some truffle over it."

Pizza Margherita

Dare we say: It was one of the best carpaccios we've ever had. After that, however, we decided on a classic: the Pizza Margherita. Although it was a little conventional -- some might even say "boring" -- we wanted to be able to easily compare it with other pizzas across Las Vegas. And when it comes to making comparisons, simple is always successful. "The Margherita is one of the classic pizzas that we have in Italy," Chef Scarmiglia said. "it's actually the most classic. Everywhere you go is the cheese pizza that we do. We actually do some other kinds of pizza here in the restaurant -- a little bit more sophisticated – such as one with smoked salmon and caviar and one I made recently as a special with buffalo ricotta, roasted tomato and basil pesto. So we try to make different ones, but we use the classic recipe. The recipe that I use for the dough is the Maccioni family recipe and it’s the same one that they use at Circo Las Vegas and Circo New York, so it’s one of the family recipes."

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