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Tony Abou-Ganim
The Modern Mixologist

Tony Abou-Ganim is the author of the recently released book "The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails." This in-depth look into Tony’s take on modern day cocktails, featuring spirits and ingredients available to today’s Mixologist, both professional and amateur alike but not forsaking classic traditions and techniques. This entertaining and informative journey will take you from the early beginning’s of the cocktail to what Tony has come to deem “Modern Mixology!”

Additionally, Tony won the 2007 Iron Chef America competition with Mario Batali, “Battle Mango” and released his first DVD “Modern Mixology: Making Great Cocktails at Home” (February 2007). Most notably featured demonstrating the art of cocktail preparation on the Fine Living Network program “Raising the Bar: America’s Best Bar Chefs,” grew up in the bar business, learning the craft from his cousin Helen David at the Brass Rail Bar in Port Huron, Michigan. Tony's initial introduction to the business was steeped in the tradition of classic cocktails and professional barmanship, grooming him to become a leader in the beverage industry.

After graduating from college, Tony learned an appreciation for a well made cocktail using only the freshest ingredients at Jack Slick's Balboa Café in San Francisco. In 1990, Tony assisted with the opening of "Harry Denton's", a legendary hangout in Fog City. In 1993, Tony moved to New York City where he worked with Mario Batali at Po in the West Village. In 1995, Tony returned to San Francisco and re-joined Harry Denton to open "Harry Denton's Starlight Room", atop the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. It was here that Tony created his first "Specialty Drink Menu" featuring several of his original cocktail recipes including the Cable Car, Sunsplash, and Starlight.

In 1998, Tony was hand-picked by Steve Wynn to create the cocktail program at his Bellagio Resort. Tony immediately implemented his philosophy of bartending and drink preparation - quality ingredients and proper technique create great drinks - developing the hundreds of original cocktails for the resorts 22 bars. Currently, Tony operates his own beverage consulting firm specializing in bar staff training, product education and cocktail development.

As the National Ambassador of the US Bartenders Guild, http://www.usbg.org/, and Associate Member of the Museum of the American Cocktail, http://www.museumoftheamericancocktail.org/, Tony continues to educate about the history and lore of cocktails as well as lead the bar industry into continually improving the art of the cocktail. Tony lives in Las Vegas where he hones his craft daily by creating, sharing and enjoying the very best cocktails.

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