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Located right off the lobby in the Palazzo, with its graceful marble interior and ornate fountain, Morels' entry is impressive, just like the hotel's is. A sign above the wood-framed glass doors features the Morels logo and announces that you've arrived. Once you pass through that door you'll see that the Morels entryway is unusual, as it is oval-shaped and has an ornate marble mosaic floor with its name, “Morels,” spelled out in bronze lettering. Above is an oval-shaped recess in the ceiling; painted a cream color, it provides a lovely accent to the room's dark wood. In this part of the ceiling are three lighting fixtures consisting of clusters of Italian glass globes. A wooden maitre d’ station sits to the right, where you can check in, while dark wood walls give way to light blue ones, guiding you into the restaurant.

Your first view of Morels' interior is from the maitre d' station, where you'll see a teaser: the edge of the iced seafood bar. Upon entering the restaurant you'll find yourself first in the lounge, where the first thing you'll notice is the vastness of the bar, which seats about a dozen and is topped with French zinc. The lounge also includes several low tables surrounded by roomy white leather sofas. In the ceiling is a three-bay vaulted recess that is red and cream with ornate decoration. Suspended from it is a 19-foot chandelier made of Italian glass globes, similar to but significantly larger than the chandelier in the entryway. Although the ceiling is beautiful, there's plenty to see at eye-level, too, such as artwork by Tom Cannon, which decorates the lounge's light blue walls. If you'd rather watch athletics than art, the bar has two flat-screen televisions. If you're a wine-lover, you may want to watch the wine, as Morels showcases its Enomatic wine program by displaying bottles in a wooden structure that houses the television, which you can watch from blue leather armless chairs at the bar. The corner of the bar transitions to the iced seafood bar, where there's fresh oysters, lobster and shellfish. Underfoot, wooden floors transition to carpet that's easy to see in the light of table lamps throughout the room, as are the cream- and blue-colored walls. When you're ready to move on, look toward the right where you came in, where there is a semicircluar wooden structure. That structure serves as a transition between the lounge and the dining room, and also highlights the way to the cheese and charcuterie bar, which are right behind it.

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