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First, there was Fleur de Lys, the Las Vegas version of which almost never happened. Hubert Keller and Maurice Rouas co-own the original Fleur de Lys in San Francisco, where one of Mandalay Bay‘s owners was a frequent diner. Reportedly, this customer wanted Chef Keller to open a second location in Mandalay Bay. Originally, Chef Keller declined. When a devastating fire destroyed the San Francisco restaurant, however, it acted as a fortuitous catalyst to Fleur de Lys’ Las Vegas incarnation, as the customer asked once again to place a Fleur de Lys offshoot at Mandalay Bay. This time, Chef Keller agreed. When construction ran long, however, he was offered the additional opportunity of running the hotel's pre-existing burger joint, Burger Bar. Chef Keller took the opportunity and ran with it, producing upscale burgers that have been delighting customers ever since. Easier to replicate than a more formal dining experience, the burgers have been a smashing success, and Keller now has Burger Bar branches in St. Louis and San Francisco. Fleur de Lys subsequently opened in Vegas to much fan fare and success, and has since added its own twist on the burger: the Fleur5000, an unrivaled creation priced at $5,000.

After several years of running Fleur de Lys in Las Vegas, Chef Keller had an idea. It was 2010 and he decided it would be interesting to place some tables outside the Fleur de Lys dining room to make a patio area serving cutting-edge cocktails. Because he needed to come up with equally sophisticated bar food to complement the cocktails, he began brainstorming a menu. And before you knew it, Fleur by Hubert Keller was born. Upon arrival, the first tease you get of Fleur is the 46-seat open patio and lounge right off Mandalay Bay’s shopping promenade, which was the restaurant's original inspiration. The stunning, coolly sophisticated patio provides a casual entry point to the more formal dining room inside. Once you walk past the two gorgeous sunset-hued floor lamps at the welcoming hostess station, you have your choice of two seating options on the patio: You can lounge in a more casual dining area on the left with sofas and overstuffed upholstered chairs, or dine in more structured chairs while watching the promenade or the action at the center bar. What really adds to the décor's fun and sexy vibe are the outdoor tables, which are made of terrazzo and recycled glass. It’s a perfect offset to the earth and rust tones of the restaurant. This airy outdoor patio is separated from the promenade by short screens and sits before a rust-colored woven structure that bridges the two stone walls and is emblazoned with the Fleur logo. Decorated in hues of brown, mahogany, grey and white, the area is punctuated with brilliant, bold colored paintings.

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