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The dining room at Alize, set on the 56th floor of the Palms Casino Resort, provides the most magnificent views of the Las Vegas Strip. Seen through the spectacular 16-foot slanted floor-to-ceiling windows that line one side of the restaurant, and the standard sized windows that line the other two sides of the dining room, the views are more spectacular than those at any other restaurant in the city. Alize seats about 100, which is small in comparison to some of the newer restaurants in Las Vegas. Even though the space is intimate, however, you never feel cramped, as tables - both square and round - are generously spaced. Ceiling recesses feature cove lighting, which provides a romantic feel throughout the dining room. The restaurant can accommodate private parties and can be rented out in part or in full, depending on the client's budget and dining needs.

A two-story wine cellar lines the middle of the dining room within Alize and is one of the restaurant's most striking features. Chef Andre Rochat knew he had a relatively small space, thus he needed to ensure maximum impact. He knew the view was an important factor for the restaurant and realized that he needed to maximize that advantage. Voila! He needed a wine cellar, so he placed it in the middle of the room - an enterprising idea that allowed him to maximize guests' views and still store his wine. While each table enjoys a view, tables next to the windows are best; still, those that are closer to the middle of the dining room also have a view of the wood and glass wine cellar, which can prove a huge source of enjoyment for serious oenophiles. The 5,500 bottle wine cellar is directly in front of you when you enter the restaurant, the door to which features the name Alize on it in gold lettering. The structure's walls and doors are glass with rich, inviting wood frames. Actually, this is just one of three wine cellars for Alize, as the restaurant requires storage for between 2,200 and 2,400 labels of wine; a second wine cellar is located on the floor below the restaurant and a third is on the ground floor of the hotel. The restaurant carries an extensive collection of "big bottles," such as 3-liter, 6-liter and magnums. It also has its own signature cognacs, armagnacs, champagnes, vodkas and red wines, including both a merlot and a Saint Emilion. This restaurant is an oenophile's dream.

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