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Appealing Highlights
    Wire Drawings

The room is decorated with 46 two dimensional wire "drawings" of circus scenes created by Tim Flynn, much in the vein of Alexander Calder's, wire sculptures. As an aside, Calder was designated the father of the mobile in 1931. Each of the pieces depicts a different circus scene, from lions to tight rope walkers to jugglers to elephants, all reminiscent of a traditional American circus. The wires structures are displayed on a white background in wooden frames.

Barrel Full of Monkeys

The main dining room houses a large metal monkey cage slightly off to the left of center. The structure is an open oblong oval barrel-shaped structure (reminiscent of barrel full of monkeys and a barrel full of fun) with several glass shelves. These shelves house a few candles and colorful bowls, but the real star of the show is a variety of different types of monkeys in a variety of sizes and positions. Some are swinging from trees, others are sitting and staring at you, others are more contemplative.

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